Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Windshield- Windscreen Sun Shades

Make Your Car Cool

Sun shades, have come a long way from suction pads that fell off when the sun came out.
Nowadays, the choices range from fun, to easy to install in seconds. Also bespoke to fit your exact model and make of car.

Car interiors can reach 160F - 75C, when parked in the sun. Opening the door to get a blast of heat, and then trying to climb in only to jump out again because the seats are burning, and the steering wheel is red hot. Image the amount of damage over a period of time to your car interior, not to mention anything you may have left in there.

I felt compelled to put together some examples of Sun Shades on offer, as I have recently purchased some crazy eyes for my windshield/windscreen and have receive a lot of amusing looks from my neighbors.

If you know of anymore crazy or interesting sun shades, please let me know in the comments section below.

Police swoop expat as he staggers to his car

British expat Mr Ingram, on leaving his 50th birthday party this week, was some what worst for wear, when he left his local bar around midnight.

The Spanish Police had set up a check point across the road as part of a routine schedule, and stood in horror as they watched Mr Ingram take ten minutes to walk a short distance to his parked car, and another ten trying to get his key in the door.

Eventually, his wife came out of the bar and joined him as he opened the door, and slumped in the seat. The police were already walking towards him with the intention of stopping him breaking the law, and to save him from doing serious injury to himself and others.

The car, obviously had been there most of the afternoon, as he had a sun shade still attached to the windscreen.

The Police opened the door, and Mr Ingram sprang from the car and proceeded to stagger about incoherent. It was only when his wife started the car from her side did the Police realized that he was in fact, the owner of a British Spanish registered car (the driver-side is on the right)

Red face, the Police still cautioned Mr Ingram for being so drunk in public and waved them on.

Below are some Sun screens from Paparazzi, an Argentinean magazine that had these made and placed in a well-known celebrity hang out using famous models to fool people.

 Image credit Divine Caroline

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