Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Digital or Traditional Publishing

I've started submitting some designs on Crowdspring; I like their site set up it's user friendly and on the site they have a writer section, so I checked it out, and one section is for naming companies. I had a go and I've just been told I won – that was a quick 300 dollars.
My latest Squidoo lenses include thebest School bags, and on a more personal note about the time I was forced as a teenager to buy a VW Beetle and how over time I started to become a fan of the car. Halloween approaching I've also wrote a short lens about Spanish Halloween and costumes.

I am a massive film Buff, and have written five Screenplays with just as many halfway finished. I have studied the film industry for over ten years. It's time to move to Hollywood or change some of them into Novels.

Okay so I've already started changing them into Novels and Wow what a difference, 22,000 words to 90,000. All though the freedom is nice as long as it is controlled and I do have a complete skeleton, plot wise, to work with.

I have been designing book covers for authors who target Kindle which has intrigue me to weather digital is the best way to go or is it just a way of avoiding rejection from the traditional publishing route. As a wannabe Screenwriter I'm no stranger to rejection letters specially good luck for the future ones, yet out of all the hundreds of rejections only one film company read one of my scripts, the rejections where just based on the log-lines and the one LA company who was not interested in my script, which admittedly was based in the UK, did suggested it would work better as a Novel, of course this could be their version of a kiss off but we'll see...?