Streaking For Mother

How far would you go to help the people you love?

A cynical, famous underwear model, and infamous international rugby player, despondent and guilt-ridden because of a terrible mistake, finds redemption from helping the ones who ruined his chances of a world record. After moving in with this bunch of deeply disturbed and dysfunctional guerrilla marketeers, he discovers his life is being controlled by his estranged mother from beyond the grave. His mother is also the patron of a large pawnbroker and the guerrilla marketeers' matriarch who are unaware she has died and believe her absence is temporary.
It soon becomes apparent to Ashley he was meant to help them move on with their lives and come to terms with her untimely death. Ashley has made enemies too. He is viciously attacked, sent threatening messages, and attempts are made to destroy him in the media - both professionally and personally. With his new housemates by his side, they must discover and deal with his pursuer - in their own and unique style. 


How far would you go to help the ones you love?

As an international rugby star and underwear model, Ashley’s life couldn’t be any better. He is about to kick the ball, which will win the match and secure him a world record. He has plans to ask his actress girlfriend to marry him. Everything is going exactly how he wants it.

That is until a streaker grabs his ball and runs with it.

Ashley's estranged mother has other plans for him. She owns a pawnbroker in Greenwich, London, and over the years became a matriarch to a foursome of deeply troubled guerrilla marketers. She has devoted herself to repairing these damaged people from different backgrounds.

Ashley blasts after the streaker and in some bent up rage unleashes an overzealous beating, hospitalising him, and becoming public enemy number one in the media. His girlfriend dumps him, his fans abandon him, and his team suspends him. Emotionally distraught and guilt-ridden over crippling the streaker, he searches for answers at the bottom of a bottle.

He soon finds himself standing in the hospital aiming a gun at the streaker and looking for answers. He passes out and wakes up in the streaker's strange home, hidden away from the paparazzi. He agrees to stay in the house and help the streaker recover in a daily routine of physiotherapy. Eventually, after strong resistance, he becomes embroiled in the day-to-day lives of these crazy characters and starts to help them with their outrageous stunts.

The streakers have their own problems. The local councillor - Ashley's ex-girlfriend's father - is interested in their building and aims to get it at any cost. The group are also wondering when their matriarch, Ashley's mother, is going to come back. Unbeknown to them, she has passed away. Ashley knows she is deceased, but not that she was the same person who owned the pawnbroker.

Ashley forms a strong bond with his housemates and the sexual tension becomes high between him and Yanna. One day, unexpectedly, he captures the streaker moving his legs and realises he is being duped. Upset, betrayed, and feeling lost. Ashley is reinstated to play the last game of the world cup, a chance to gain his world record, win back his fans, and return to his old life.

The two females from the house visit Ashley and try to persuade him to help the streaker because he had lost his confidence. He resisted, but it was short-lived, his repressed feelings for Yanna too strong.

On the day of the big match, he realises his mother was their matriarch and she meant for him to be there all along to help them. This compelled him to help his old friend, not only to streak the pitch, which would garner them a lucrative pay day, but also with the Guinness book record for running the full length of the pitch. Ashley faces his naked in public hang-up, strips off, and runs with him in another humorous and cringe moment.

What was he thinking?

No stranger to tackling problems head-on, he focuses on helping the streakers come to terms with her death and subtly guides them to independence. Ashley faces more betrayal as life-threatening obstacles challenge his planes from one of the housemates who wants Ashley out the house. They team up for one last public stunt to finally rid themselves of the antagonistic councillor and in doing so, unearth some shocking information about Ashley's paternity.

Ashley's mother's plan had worked. He is a changed person and unselfishly helped everyone in the house to find their true vocations. Answering the question - how far would you go help the ones you love? He closes the shop for the last time and someone from his past appears in the shadows...


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In many ways I found “Streaking for Mother” to be witty, and at times thrilling.

What can be said about this book other then it is filled with originality in a fun way that will keep you engaged throughout the late night hours. In “Streaking for Mother” you find that a both a beautiful underwear model and a Rugby player colliding in a fantastic storyline that is sure to engulf the senses. The main character Ashley is developed well and at times I caught myself cheering all the way through.

One of the aspects that I think most will find in Mark Shearman’s writing is his ability to move the story along in a dynamic fashion without sacrificing the quality of work. While at times there is humor, action and thrills in this book, there is yet a deeper message hidden inside the overall plot.

That message remains: How far would you go to help the people you love?

I enjoyed this book. It developed well, the characters were easy to get along with and it flowed perfectly.

5 Stars

By Karl Wiggins on September 11, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Is that the right word? Magical? I guess, although it’s really somewhere between freakish and bonkers. And I loved it.

We’ve got Ashley, an international rugby player. Shaun, an ex-thief, streaker and a man possibly crippled for life by Ashley. Nadine, the proud owner of a beautifully-formed Latino arse (round and ample), watery brown eyes and huge tits. Yanna, possibly bipolar in mood, fierce and enjoyable, and given to streaking, but only for a purpose. And Spam, scruffy and handsome.

Fate has brought them all together, and they’re on a mission. What mission? Well, that would be throwing in spoilers, but lurking in the background – and we’re not really sure if she’s dead or alive – is Lady G, owner of Kleptomaniacs Pawn Brokers, where they all reside.

And even if she is dead, what Lady G says goes, and there’s no arguing with her.

Truly, this book is so much fun, and I thoroughly recommend you read it, for all is not as it seems, and there’s more than one twist at the end.

Well worth the read!

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This is a poignant novel about a grandstanding rugby superstar who loses his dream but finds his soul. The unusual people that he feels driven to help give him a sense of family and purpose. After learning of his estranged mother's death, he refuses to grieve and returns to the the rugby field. He has goals to reach and records to break until an unexpected stunt during the game ends his chance and drives him to a brutish act. Driven to make amends, he find friends, himself, and at long last his mother.

I enjoyed the creativity of the marketeers in their schemes to advertise. I had an emotional attachment to each person in the group and to his or her individual heartbreaking pasts. The connection of all the characters was unveiled slowly and surprisingly. They all needed hope in their lives. Lady G. first provided each one with positive guidance, and later Ashley helped them face reality and find better lives. Ashley was my favorite character, and I wanted the best for him. I don't want to spoil the book by telling too much so I will just say that I couldn't put the book down until I finished it.

Mark Shearman is an outstanding author with an innate ability for writing about intriguing characters and plot lines. He always keeps the readers engaged In the story and makes them commiserate with the characters. He crafts great visual imagery with his words. I will continue to read his books just as soon as he writes them.

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