Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spain's Route 66 - Ruta de la Plata

Spain's Ruta de la plata, is being referred to as a smaller version of North America's Route 66. The Silver trail stretches 800km, snaking down the west side of Spain, parallel to Portugal, passing through 4 regions and 7 provinces. The route, features 25 municipalities that are cooperating to market their gastronomy and top level places of interest. It starts in the beautiful coastal town of Gijón, with views of the Bay of Biscay, including towns like, Ribera de Arriba, Lena, La Pola de Gordón, León, La Bañeza, Benavente, Zamora,  Plasencia, Casar de Cáceres, Calzadilla de los Barros, Fuente de Cantos, Montemolín, Carmona, to  name a few, with Seville being the last city on the route.

The network will be promoting the whole silver trail as a tourist attraction, through local travel agents, social media and tour ops. In the past, the majority of travellers were predominantly from Spain and Portugal. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and campsites along the route as it is not just solely for hikers and bikers to make the journey, motorist are also welcome too.

Part of the adventure along the way to your destination is stopping off at new places and exploring; you never know what you might find or what will happen. They say a stranger is a friend you have not met yet.

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