Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Stump Game - Nail Game


I came across this game in Zinner a small village in Germany near Torgue, the game consists of a tree stump waist high, nails and a bricklayer's hammer.

Everyone involved in the game circles the tree stump nail in hand and the hammer is past around, the players tap their nail in to start.

Using the thin wedge side of the hammer each player has one shot at their nail and then passes the hammer on. The object is to sink the nail into the tree in as less hits as possible, the last person standing has lost and buys everyone a schnapps.

They had their traditions you must put the bottle in your mouth and tip your head, screw the top back on and lay it on its side. If someone stands the bottle up, they  buy another round Cheers!

The Nail Game - Hammerschalgen

The Nail Game - Hammerschalgen

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