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Creeper Burglary

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Creeper burglars have been around for some time, and years ago this crime was done by the more specialised burglar, breaking into the home at night, whilst the occupants were asleep.

In resent times the advent of the more ruthless creeper burglar has increased due to technological advances in vehicle designs.

Most vehicles are becoming harder to break into, the average thief using crude or sophisticated methods are failing, and so they are motivated to search for the owners unlocking device and therefore, the need to break into the house.

Creeper burglars are not only after your vehicle some are there for your valuables and some are there for far more sinister and diabolical reasons...

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Whilst working for a company in the UK we would refurbish council owned apartment blocks (Flats) and part of the tendering process was to agree that a certain number of inner-city teenagers would be taken on and trained.

The majority of these kids came from broken homes, history of crime and abusive backgrounds, but were in essence good and eager to learn, some shining through and going on to secure a job in the industry after a year.

Talking to some of them and listening to the crimes they'd confess were scary; especial two young lad's tales about the time they spent as Sneakers - Creeper burglars with a twist.

Bored with breaking into houses steeling valuables, and cars, and getting away with it, a group of them decided to raise the bar.

Working in teams of two they would approach a property when the owners were asleep and break in, leaving not a single trace of evidence. They would move furniture around without being herd, some would go as far as to move a fridge into the lounge, also they would sneak into the bedroom and paint dots on the foreheads of those sleeping.

This eventually become too easy and so they would start targeting people, for example in the days of 35mm film cameras they would observe a family fall out of their car, exhausted from the annual holiday, and watch them head straight for bed leaving the suitcases down stairs. They would seek out the cameras, look to see how many shots were left, and then take pictures of their genitals, some whilst children slept in the background, subtle just to suggest, without waking or touching the children.

So when the unsuspecting parent would go to collect the pictures the police were waiting with questions. Can you imagine the physiological implication of these actions?

In some instances they have broken into homes found the occupants credit cards, access their computer, and downloaded illegal porn. How do you explain that one when they are wrapping your house in police don't cross tape.

Now these kids were never caught and they stopped almost as if they grew out of it, and they admitted that the majority of homes they hit were without security systems and in some cases doors and windows were left open.

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