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The Making of McDonalds - Grinding it Out

No matter what you think of McDonald's food, or their impact on the health of the planet's fast food lovers. You have to admire their success as one of the most famous globally recognised brands, their revolutionary business franchising, food service automation, people development and sharing the wealth with their employees in the way of educational programs.

One of the most interesting things about McDonald's restaurants is Ray Kroc, the man behind the global success of the restaurant franchising and development of the business model. In his book ''Grinding it out'' there are several messages written with a positive self-help attitude in mind and Ray Kroc's words are definitely motivational.

Ray Kroc was 52 years old, suffering from incipient arthritis, diabetes, missing most of his thyroid gland and his gall bladder gone, yet still he pushed on showing that you are never too old to succeed.

The McDonalds Brothers 

 Ray Kroc started out selling paper cups for $35 a week in the 1920's, he subsidised his income to support his family by playing the piano at night. He worked his way up the promotional ladder and then made a risky move into selling a newly designed six-spindle milk-shake machine, his goal to have one multimixer in every milk shop and drug store across America.

He started getting calls about the milk-shake machine and those enquirers often ended with ''like the one the McDonald brothers have got in San Bernardino California''. Intrigued why everyone was suddenly referencing the brothers he went to check out what all the fuss was about.

Ray Kroc parked at a suitable distance from the restaurant to observe, and it wasn't long before he saw hordes of people from all walks of life flocking to the restaurant, he could see the clean cut uniforms and efficiency of the staff and the cleanliness of the place, including the car park.

The McDonald brothers referred to Ray as ''Mr Multimixer'' they had eight of his machines.

Ray sat down with the brothers and discussed the possibility of emulating the system and opening up other restaurants, they pointed to the top of the hill and at their large house and said they liked to sit on the porch and look down on the restaurant and take it easy. They would not be interested in extra work and they don't know of anyone that could put it all together for them.

Ray was impressed with the simplicity and effortlessness of their system and said to them ''what about me?''

Follow the rest of his inspirational journey in his book Grinding it out.

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 Ray Kroc's first April 15 1955
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