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Hot Air Ballooning Spain

Floating Above The Scenic Baja Velope Elche Costa Blanca Spain

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People at certain stages in their lives, write bucket lists - things to do before they die. Taking part in a hot air balloon flight is a popular list item for many people.

In my opinion, hot air ballooning should be on lists way before people start thinking about kicking the bucket. I certainly regret waiting until I hit forty before I tried it. The next thing now is to take flights in other parts of the globe, and also a glass bottom basket flight.

Hot air balloonists, worldwide, keep to traditions and have their own subtle difference.

I definitely recommend Hot Air Ballooning Spanish style. 

This really is as close as it gets to being in a Hot Air Balloon

Alicante Spain 


 Is it Safe? - ¿Es seguro?


My Flight - Alicante

As soon as the van pulled up, the crew leapt out and dragged the basket from off of the chase vehicle. On that day, it was in the baja velope Elche. The weather was starting to show promise as we stood and watch the pilot release a small helium-filled black balloon, called a piball. This is to determine the wind direction at different heights and speeds.

The balloon or envelope was rolled out and a member of the crew pulled on a line at the top, two of us were asked to hold the mouth of the envelope open whilst the pilot directed heat from the burners into it with the help of a motor driven fan.

As the balloon starts to take shape and rise off the ground the balloon is balanced and equilibrium is achieved at this point we were asked to get into the basket. As soon as the last person climbed in - a young Spanish couple celebrating her birthday, the crew let go of the basket and the balloon shuttle launch shooting up to 4000 feet.

Positive self-talk at this time helps, but it's not long before you settle down. Looking at the dotted houses and landscape is superb but splash and dash is my favorite, skimming a cross the water and also fields of tall grass.

The low flying 500ft limit rule seemed to be bent a tad as we floated over a small housing estate, you could smell what they were cooking and I'm surprised how many people sunbath naked on their roof terraces - only joking - I'm not surprised.

Once we had landed, and the basket and balloon packed away, we drove up the road to a country house and out came the food and drink, finishing with a toast and a certificate.

What An Amazing Experience!

Cheers Aeroglobo! - gracias por un día fantástico

Champagne toast tradition is maintained from the early days of balloon flight in France using Cava

Above the Clouds


Mass Ascension

This is very beautiful! - Esto es muy hermoso!

Wish List

Places and flights on my list from the rocky mountains to the out-back Australia.

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