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Benidorm Beaches Spain

Poniente, Levante and Playa de Mal Pas

47 km or 29 miles, the distance Benidorm is from Alicante Airport, with dozens of shuttle buses and now a Speedy bus offering direct transfers to individuals hotels.

Taxis are parked on the right of the main exit doors around the clock, and if you're lucky you could be in one that gets eggs thrown at it or witness some stout red-faced Spaniards going nose to nose, as there's still an ongoing dispute as to who should have the rights to the airport punters. The local cabs of Elche or those coming from the destination towns, this regardless of what the law says.

Yes, that might sound negative to some, but to others they sit back strap themselves in and watch the fuss, all part of the experience, 'welcome to Spain.' the excitement has begun.

The view from La Cruz in Serra Gelada of Benidorm is reminiscent of a Manhattan style skyline. Benidorm's three beaches are pristine-clean and maintained. Playa de Poniente, 'west beach', stretches around for 2974 meters and joins, Playa de Levante, 'east beach', with an additional 2080 meters long this is usually the most populated beach. Both beaches are separated by Playa de Mal Pas,120m long with a width of 75m. This is a small cove on the other side of the marina below the Castilla and gets very busy.

You can also find another beach at the end of Playa de Poniente, La Cala. This is small cove and popular with both tourists and locals, with several bars and restaurants to choose from. The water is easy to swim in here, because it remains waste high for a substantial distance and ideal for the kids to play in and the older generations to stand and chat.

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Benidorm, Alicante Province, Spain, Mediterranean, Europe

Benidorm Revisited Benidorm, arguable one of the most denounced and trashed talked about resorts in Spain, by those knockers who have never actually visited the place.

I defy them to walk along the promenade at high noon and recall their negative connotations as the heat warms their skin. Tension,soothed by a subtle breeze from the Mediterranean sea, the white sand stretches for what seems like miles.

The promenade full of designer flip flops ranging in as many colours and sizes as their wearers, burnt red the preference of the newly arrived. Dodge the Segway riders and street performers, and become ensconced in a comfy chair, alfresco at a café bar, and people watch. Spot the nationality, although some make it too easy, dressed like reality TV stars or those that wear football tops and bold heads, on an all inclusive.

Benidorm is a favourite destination for many Europeans, who visited the place religiously each year, for years, and that’s including the winter months, popular with the older generations. The Spanish also love to visit Benidorm, especially Madrileños from Madrid.

Benidorm has a thriving beach life with early morning aerobics and Metal detectors dot about the beach in search of euros. Cable skiing is popular as well as para-sending, sea kayak, paddle boarding, Jet-skies and banana rides to name a few.

Adventure seekers can explore Benidorm’s hinterland and high ground via Jeep safari, down hill biking, hiking and hot air ballooning.

There is a profusion of entertainment options in Benidorm, in the daytime and a superabundance well into the early hours, with hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from in the new side and the old town. Benidorm Palace is at the top of the list for popularity with its titillating Moulin rouge-esque floor shows and set menus.

Regular boat trips to the isla de los periodistas or journalists’ is a great way to see Benidorm off shore. The island also known as Benidorm island and peacock island, due it having some caged peacocks and is the head quarters for the local Seagull mob, hundreds of them.

Benidorm Island is six and half hectares, it used to be the landing spot for Pirates to plot and conduct their raids from to the mainland. Fleeing citizens from Villajoyosa and Benidorm in 1834 stayed on the island after a cholera outbreak. Now days the island is a favourite spot for divers, both snorkel and scuba and can be explored by submersible voyage around the island. There is also a café serving a variety of food and drinks.

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Benidorm at Night

Enjoy a Free Trip

Image Shearart Another thing you can do whilst in Benidorm is go on a free trip with PAL. They will pick you up at your hotel, or a designated collection area very close. And whisk you off on a free trip, they have a variety of destinations and reps in most of the hotels, who can take your bookings, or ask at the hotel reception desk. Some of the regular trips offered include, the fonts de algar where you can see beautiful waterfalls, Valor chocolate factory in Villajoyosa, Guadalest, in land from Benidorm and one of the most visited places in Spain. Altea, a picturesque town along the coast. Moraira, again another picturesque town on the sea front next to Calpe. Jalon Valley which is inland and has a huge Rastro (Flea Market) and wine bodegas.

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Benidorm Palace,28 Established in 1977, Benidorm Palace is famous for producing the most prestigious show in Spain, the experience gets bigger and better each year.

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Sea Journey To Peacock Island, Benidorm.

Playa del Mal Pas


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