Monday, June 16, 2014

Flip Flop Flamenco

 Flip Flop Flamenco - Release date - August.

A sleepy sun drenched Spanish fishing village is about to explode in a raucous gun battle involving thirty ships and the majority of the village taking position on the beach defending themselves and their way of life, whilst a bunch of dysfunctional expats also fight to keep their dreams of living in the sun alive.  

Danny is a shaming debt collector risking the job to realise his dream of becoming a tour operator on the Chinese Junk he had sailed from Hong Kong. A long term friendship is compromised when an old mate treacherously asked him to collect a bag of cash buried in an old monastery in Ireland, the ill-gotten gains of a brutal robbery. The race was on to get back to Spain before the start of the local Moors and Christin's fiesta with startling circumstances.

This enigmatic novel oozes glimpses of no-bull-truth, revealing the naked underbelly of expats on the Costa Blanca. Stirring up a hornet's nest of: murderous gangsters, a sociopathic hotel owner, a quirky cop with an itchy trigger finger, eccentric Indian bar owners. The brutal murder of a young English woman - turned prostitute, forbidden love and a Donkey named Pedro.

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