Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Father's Day Gift to Raise a Smile

A Fun Gift For a Father

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I wanted to do something for a father, and a friend of mine, he has a strong sense of family, four teenagers and a new born. He had bestowed on me the honour of godfather to his new son. Like a lot of parents, he would rather just give to his children, so even though this is his gift it is something he can share with his family.

My first idea was to make him an nostalgic number plate, he had shown me a picture of his first car, back in Venezuela when he was younger, he smiled, as if he remembered something deeply personal about it. I notice that you could see the license plate.

My idea was to either make him a license plate or have one made, so he could hang it in his shed or man cave. Just to be sure he would like it I asked his wife, first describing my first idea and then I mentioned his car, her face contorted at the mere mention, she took deep breaths and said he would love the first idea.

A Comical Family Tree It Is!

I have seen cartoon family trees before, but Cartoon Bill was the first to create funny family trees http://www.caricaturesamerica.com/funny-family-tree.html Cartoon Bill offers a Funny Family tree service and his work is superb. 


First I made a serious of sketches of the family members and added each individuals pet or hobby.

I’ve included his car from years ago.

I also included his brother on a massage table and his sister in-law pole dancing, both based on personal jokes.

His eldest son ensconced on the sofa with a bowl of chips clasping the remote control and his other sons engaged in their favorite sports.

His wife is in the shower and his daughter standing with her pet hamster.

Finally his baby son climbing after his teddy bear.

The only book you need to get started drawing caricatures

This was the first book I purchased when learning how to draw caricatures, the practice exercises are effective and if you follow them and keep doing them you will get there. you can also use this book to learn and improve your face drawing skills.

Comical Family Tree

Pastel on thick water colour paper

The Two Boys

Image Shearart

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