Thursday, August 30, 2012

Designing Book Covers and T-shirts

I have recently been designing book covers and t-shirts speculatively and also for direct contact clients which has been interesting there is a lot of work out there especially in the speculative market if you don't mind rejection and can take critique. I prefer book cover design work as it has a lot of scope for my art, you do have to learn to read briefs well and sometimes minds.

Some companies I have submitted to in the past few months that have good reputations are Hatchwise, 99designs and Crowdspring. 99Designs is a great place to start if you are new as the site is user friendly and you can at first watch contest to learn about the process and interaction with the client and how a client's brief is interpreted.

My latest Squidoo lens is about Goose fair Nottingham as a child it was one of the few things to look forward to apart from Christmas and birthdays. Goose Fair came around in foggy October and when I was a youngster they still had side shows like boxing which my uncle use to work in.

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