Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moving to France

Compact and bijou as we all know means - extremely small and elegant. The reason for this parlance is to cover the fact that the property must be well over priced and the buyer Benefits from “arguably” nothing. This use of the Estate Agents Dictionary just adds to the apprehension and mistrust of the buyer.

On one house viewing in Cowes Isle of Wight – several years ago. We were particularly drawn to a property via the Estate Agents description and within our budget. The main focus being that it needed up grading, had a large garden and sea views.

When we arrived we agreed – the place did need reforming. We were dishearten by the fact that the large garden was the sole access for the other houses on this side of the street, but what really blew the deal was the sea views.

The bedroom to the rear of the property had a mirror stuck on the window reveal and if you looked at it you called just see the sea. The bathroom window had a VW beetle mirror stuck on the reveal – Presumably, just in case you get caught short for a view.

No wonder people disbelieve from the disposition of some Estate Agents. Another encounter with an Estate Agent, this time, in France – I was skeptical from the beginning...

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