Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Rooster/Cockerel Collection

Cock-a-doodle-doo Collectables

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The first cockerel I bought, was from a market stall in Torgau, a Saxony town on the banks of the Elbe, Germany. I was working on a hospital, building an extension in the early 90's. A jolly rotund fellow ran a small imbus in the main hospital, he used to serve us coffee complete and a Frikadelle at lunch times, so it was a shock to see him behind a market stall at the weekend. After the initial eye-flashing recognition; him half nodding to the products on display. I scanned his stall for a guilt buy, picked up a weird scruffy looking cockerel.

Every time I came a cross it memories come flooding back. I made a point of picking up a cockerel wherever I travel, not so much going out my way, just if I happen upon an unusual one. My collection consists of German Hähnchen, French jeune coq, Spanish gallo joven, American Roosters and cockerels from around the UK in the form of sculpted pieces in metal, ceramics and wood carved, to hand-painted plates and paintings.

I have included some from my collection that were gifts from people and will be adding more when I find them in those boxes not yet unpacked in the garage.

Image by ShearArt 

Spanish Gallo joven

  This one was actually in my Christmas stocking found on a market in the Jalon Valley Alicante

German Hähnchen

Image Shearart My first one from Torgau Germany.

Spanish Gallo Joven

Image Shearart  
This one was from an Artist In Tenerife The Canary Islands 

French jeune coq

Image Shearart  
This was a gift from French Girl in Châteaubriant Loire Valley France 

Spanish Gallo Joven

Image Shearart  
This one again from Spain and a gift from my parents years ago from Villajoyosa Costa Blanca, this is made out of iron.

American Rooster

Image Shearart  
This was from an Americana shop on Spain's Route 66 Ruta De La Plata "Silver Trail"

Painted Cockerel

  This one was also a gift from a friend in Nottingham Hand painted made out of wood.

Cockerel - Gallo - Rooster

Image Shearart  
An artist made this one out of tin and it doubles up as a money box from Fuentes AlgarCosta Blanca
 'Alektorophobia' the fear of roosters and chickens in general

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